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Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at creativecommons.org
Wed Apr 4 12:48:31 EDT 2012

Hi Maarten,

Sorry for the delayed reply.  I've been out for a good portion of the
month at conferences and on vacation.  Not that that's much of an
excuse.  You're absolutely right to be wondering where the state of
things are at, so here's my best attempt to describe the state of

First of all, a couple of quick points:

 - CC's javascript chooser is pretty much stagnant, and you are right
   that we should have made that more clear, and it probably should be

 - CC's REST API, however, is still actively maintained.  The underlying
   tooling for that (cc.license and etc) is actively used throughout the
   stuff that runs the rest of our site, so in that sense we do dogfood
   it (or at least share a subsset of the dogfood).  We know quite a few
   plugins rely on the API, and do our best to keep things working
   smoothly.  We have a good set of tests... at the very least, things
   should be relatively up to date with the rest of our licensing

I think it's fair and accurate to say that we've been behind on
communicating.  Things have been complex over the last year as we've had
some people leave and a new person join, training people takes time, and
we've been under-capacity.  As such we've been only able to focus on
certain tasks at a time... much of the focus over the last year has been
on infrastructure and a few other tools (the legalcode errata tool which
should roll out soon, as well as the updated interactive chooser).

Again, not that that's an excuse.  The intent though is that after this
wraps up that we'll move on to focusing on what the new direction of CC
tools-for-developers should be.  See also:

We have some plans for this, but we'll probably (hopefully) start
putting them into motion somewhere in June, if all goes according to

Sorry it took me so long to reply to this!  I hope it helps to clarify

 - Chris

Maarten Zeinstra <mz at kl.nl> writes:

> Hi,
> So what you are actually saying is don't use it (for now)?
> I had second thoughts about using the widget myself, not because I
> didn't need it but because it was version 0.97 and we are told to wait
> for a 1.0 release (pending since 2009). Also because of the strange
> state some of the related wiki pages were in due to edits made by
> Jjyy7772'. I've cleared those up.
> Local CC groups would benefit from an abstracted technology
> infrastructure layer based on an extensive APIs that are then used by
> .org's own services. Why doesn't .org uses the license chooser they
> developed for others? Why has there been no API changes since january
> 2011? Hasn't the widget been changed since 2009?
> A good strategy/direction is to separate the close integration from
> code on the Creative Commons website with regards to the license
> chooser, metadata scraper, search engine, wordpress theme,
> etc. Develop an API that allows you to integrate these on any webpage
> and use that API on CreativeCommons.org itself. An 'eating your own
> dogfood' strategy works to keep API's up to date with a passive
> community that we have, but enables every re-user to do exactly the
> same things that creative commons.org can do. This then stimulated a
> community to work with the APIs or CC's infrastructure.
> Also if technology has little to no use, remove them or deprecate
> them. I spend an afternoon looking through different depositories,
> documents and Wikipages before I found what I needed. Lot's of that
> stuff is not been updated in months/years and it use if questionable.
> Best,
> Maarten Zeinstra
> Kennisland | Knowledgeland
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> www.kennisland.nl | www.knowledgeland.org
> On Mar 24, 2012, at 15:46 , Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
>> Sorry for the delayed reply.
>> We recently overhauled the translation system.  Unfortunately I think
>> the js widget strings may have gotten dropped (partly I think because
>> we've thought that the js widget has gotten little use in recent years,
>> but maybe that is wrong).  I can look at adding them back, and it's
>> possible to re-code them in from the git history, but it might take a
>> while till we can get to it...
>> Made an issue for it in our bugtracker!
>> http://code.creativecommons.org/issues/issue1033
>> - Chris
>> Nathan Yergler <nathan at yergler.net> writes:
>>> Are you running the JavaScript locally?
>>> Thinking about it some more, one thing that will probably be an
>>> impediment to updating is the fact the the translation string keys
>>> have changed since the last update, as well as where we store those
>>> translations. So the code will probably need to be changed, as
>>> well. That may be a pain.
>>> It'd be nice if we could update the code so that anyone wanting to run
>>> it locally could just check it out and run make to generate the
>>> localized files.
>>> On Mar 23, 2012 8:52 AM, "Maarten Zeinstra" <mz at kl.nl> wrote:
>>>    Hi Nathan,
>>>    Thanks for your fast reply!
>>>    I am using the .97 version of the js widget. I thought it was due to our transfix strings, but these are up to date.
>>>    If a cc-developer could run make again and mail and update, that would be great.
>>>    Best,
>>>    Maarten
>>>    Kennisland | Knowledgeland
>>>    t +31205756720 | m +31643053919 | s mzeinstra
>>>    www.kennisland.nl | www.knowledgeland.org
>>>    On Mar 23, 2012, at 16:48 , Nathan Yergler wrote:
>>>> Hi Maarten,
>>>> What version of the javascript are you using? Things may have changed
>>>> in the past year since I left (although I doubt this has), but if it's
>>>> 0.97, the translations are probably massively out of date. If I recall
>>>> correctly there are two things needed: translating the string in
>>>> Transifex, and regenerating the localized javascript on the server
>>>> side. I suspect that string has been translated in Transifex, so the
>>>> latter is the important part. Someone at CC will need to check out
>>>> that code and run make as a first step.
>>>> Best,
>>>> Nathan
>>>> On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 7:29 AM, Maarten Zeinstra <mz at kl.nl> wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I wanted to include the cc js widget in one my project. The site is in Dutch
>>>>> so I choose &locale=nl. The chooser was localizes in Dutch but the license
>>>>> description was not as extensive as the english version.
>>>>> with locale=us-en I get:
>>>>> "This work is licensed under a x"
>>>>> where x is the license name
>>>>> In Dutch I get (translated to english):
>>>>> "This work is licensed under Creative Commons license"
>>>>> So with no license name.
>>>>> How do I get this properly localized?
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Maarten Zeinstra
>>>>> Kennisland | Knowledgeland
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