[cc-devel] CC+ and Commons deed

Ray Gauss II ray.gauss at rightspro.com
Thu Apr 1 15:20:33 EDT 2010

Glad to hear you got things worked out.  I just wanted to add for any others finding this that the deed also seems to have problems when the document you're clicking to the deed from is an SSL (https) URL.

Ray Gauss II

> Nathan Yergler wrote:
>> for this to work, the document you're clicking to the deed *from* needs to be accessible on the public internet.   
> Thanks Nathan(s): that's the point. In my case, the referrer was a local 
> HTML document.
> By the way, I should have imagined that: today I discussed the issue 
> here at the NEXA Center with Davide Bardone, and we noticed that no 
> argument was passed to the commons deed page, so we supposed that the 
> check had to involve the referrer... Hence, we had all the elements to 
> understand why in our case the deed was not showing up as we expected.
> So, my issue is solved and, if you want, you can just keep the implicit 
> suggestion of my email, that is providing also the code for the "+ 
> Commercial Licence" logo, as an output of the chooser, e.g.:
> Creative Commons License 
> <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/it/> + 
> Image:Commercial-license-button.png 
> <file:///File:Commercial-license-button.png>
> Thanks again and best regards,
> Federico

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