[cc-devel] encoding of ampersand in /support/jurisdictions

Turadg Aleahmad turadg at cmu.edu
Mon Aug 31 18:34:05 EDT 2009

I recently started using the "creativecommons" Drupal module that Blaise has
been developing this summer.  Today I came across a bug that is rooted in
CC's REST service (http://drupal.org/node/564816 ).
The output of the /support/jurisdictions call is HTML, but not fully to spec
because it has a naked "&" character.  I guess it depends on what version of
HTML is being returned.  HTML4 says & *should* be encoded as &.  And if
it's supposed to be XHTML, then it's necessary.
Specifically, I believe the output for "UK: England & Wales" should be "UK:
England & Wales". The 1.5 and dev versions both output the former.

Could the output be entity-encoded?  Or perhaps there could be an output
like the ".js" for XML?

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