[cc-devel] Questions about ccREL

Keisuke Ai keai at crypton.co.jp
Mon Sep 22 08:37:45 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I have some questions about ccREL.

Reading documents of ccREL, I understand that ccREL is designed
for writing various licenses not only CCL but also other licenses
including future licenses. This is a wonderful design for its
general purpose. 

I am trying to describe some licenses, such as Artistic License,
Free Art License and MPL by ccREL, because I'd like to build a system
which searches and compares those licenses.
Are there anyone who have tried such definition?

Some licenses set different conditions on distribution and derivative works.
(e.g. You may modify the Work provided that you document that.) 
Do you have any good ideas to describe these differences?

Keisuke Ai

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