[cc-devel] physical space contracts/ CC+ license & non-profits or charity of choice/ iarts.CC

Jamison Young jam at iarts.cc
Thu Jan 17 14:28:36 EST 2008


I wrote this article on Icommons back last year looking at licenses  
for artists and physical spaces. Is creative commons interested in  
creating this kind of contract for venues to use sometime in the  
future?  http://www.icommons.org/articles/contracts-for-artists- 

1)-Contract that the artist signs to tell the venue that the artist  
is not with rights organization and shall perform only original  
content at the venue.

2)-Contract that the artist signs that allows the venue to use the  
recorded music of that artist in that venue free of charge. It would  
be up to the artist to let the venue know if in the future the artist  
joined a rights organization.

I posted this (bellow) on iCommons mail list already, then realized  
that this mail list is the place for it to go.

I wondered if any mock-ups might be created for non-profits/charities  
to integrate the CC+(+) license to their organization http:// 
wiki.creativecommons.org/Ccplus ? I see that mock-ups have been made  
for some of the established sites.  Can the CC+ license be for Non- 
Profit/Charities also? in that i mean artists giving up (part of or  
all % return) commercial rights to a charity of choice? I also  
wondered if this license might potentially integrate into works  
registered with rights organizations outside the US or if this  
license could be adapted to do that? CC have myspace listed as  
potentially using this license. A lot of artists on myspace would be  
interested to give up commercial rights to a charity of choice at the  
click of a button within their profile. The license would have to be  
non-exclusive and not like a regular CC license. does that all make  
sense? you can check out the node at the link http:// 

Also: Next month in Oslo i'm told that a project from the http:// 
www.iarts.CC shall start being developed at the university. artist  
press kit.

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