[cc-devel] liblicense - xdgmime "dependency"

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at creativecommons.org
Thu Jan 10 18:54:07 EST 2008

In liblicense, we include a third-party package called xdgmime verbatim. 
I remember discussing this briefly with Jason or Scott over the summer, 
and what I remember is Jason insisting we keep xdgmime in the source tree.

That seemed like an odd decision, but now I understand it better. 
(That's a gentle way to say, "I remember balking at the idea of including 
this thing verbatim before, but now I understand and apologize if I said 
anything unreasonable then.")  As far as I can tell, the xdgmime software 
is canonically located at http://webcvs.freedesktop.org/mime/xdgmime/ and 
is not released or packaged.  This is explained at 

So I guess we'll keep including it verbatim, and every release we'll 
just check upstream for updates.  Us using svn, and them using svn, it'll 
be a fight to incorporate our changes with any updates they make; this 
release, I've just decided that we don't need the small updates they've 

For reference, here's how to check it out of freedesktop.org CVS:

$ cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs at cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/mime login
CVS password: <hit return>
$ cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs at cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/mime co xdgmime

Their code gives warnings with -std=c89, but I doubt they have any 
interest in changing it.

-- Asheesh.

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