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Category: ccHost
Group: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: spinmeister (spinmeister)
Assigned to: Victor Stone (fourstones)
Summary: Left hand Menu:  missing items

Initial Comment:
On the common left hand menu 

under the "Artists" heading - missing menu items (links):

Your Playlists
New Remixes


>Comment By: spinmeister (spinmeister)
Date: 2008-01-10 10:26

Logged In: YES 
Originator: YES

I think in in both cases we have lost functionality by loosing those items
from the Artist menu, because it forces additional clicks compared to the
current version of ccHMixter - so I would still call both a bug, At the
very least this is a usability question. 

Your Playlists: 
If I'm on somebody else's page, the Playlist's tab does not get me to my
own playlists. So at the very least I have to make some extra clicks now:
go to my own page (via opening a new browser tab = middle click in Firefox
and Opera), and then click on the Playlists tab. Why that matters: 
* When on somebody else's song, I may want to quickly check, if I already
have that song in one of my playlists before adding it. 
* after creating a brand new playlist with somebody else's song, I
immediately want to change the name of that playlist to something
* I've just added somebody else's song to a playlist, I want to quickly
hop over and put that song into a particular slot in my playlist

New Remixes
getting to the Latest remixes page (which is how I quickly catch up with
all new submissions (mostly I need to listen to more than just the latests
5) takes only 1 click on the current ccMixter (via the New Remixes link),
but in the new beta it takes two, so we're back to square 1. 

the login and logount are a different case, because they are still
available with a single click from EVERY page. So I'm not complaining about
things being in a different place, but about having to make more clicks.

Number of clicks to get somewhere matters (a lot!), especially for stuff I
do a lot. For example, I edit my profile or change my preferences much less
often than adding a song to one of my playlists or going to the "Latest
Remixees" page. 


Comment By: Victor Stone (fourstones)
Date: 2008-01-10 03:33

Logged In: YES 
Originator: NO

moving this over to 'feature requests'

rationale for changes: 'new remixes' was a place holder for having the
'latest remixes' on the page as a user preference

'your playlists' was redundant (it's a tab on your page) and the menu slot
is used for 'Your Preferences' which can't be reach any other way. 

it's open for disucssion but keeping menus small and tight seems to be
preferable than a huge long list of options, esp. when they are reached in
other ways.

ftr: when you log out 'Log In' and 'Registered' have been removed as well
since we now log in from the top right corner of the browser.


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