[cc-devel] XMP Developer Challenges and Announcing "Palimpsest"

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Mar 27 20:06:15 EDT 2007

Terry Hancock wrote:
> I assumed this would be the most natural way, but
> I may've been a little naive. I noticed some description at xiph.org of
> putting such data in a separate "XML stream" alongside the data in an
> Ogg container format. Advantages cited included being able to tag
> combined audio/video streams, and not "abusing" the fields (from Vorbis
> documentation page):
> """
> The comment field is meant to be used much like someone jotting a quick
> note on the bottom of a CDR. It should be a little information to
> remember the disc by and explain it to others; a short, to-the-point
> text note that need not only be a couple words, but isn't going to be
> more than a short paragraph.
> """

Sorry, I meant to include my references:



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