[cc-devel] SoC application review

François Déchelle francois at dechelle.net
Tue Mar 27 04:29:38 EDT 2007


That sounds a good proposal.

I'll keep you informed of the progress of the on-going work for OO.o/CC.


Cassio Melo a écrit :
> Hi there,
> Here is a draft of my application. I'm asking for suggestions and 
> questions from you.
> Thanks!
> ------
> An application for Google Summer of Code 2007, Creative Commons project
> OpenOffice.org Writer add-in for publishing CC licensed documents
> =================================================================
> Cassio Melo <cassio.ufpe at gmail.com <mailto:cassio.ufpe at gmail.com>>
> Summary
> ~~~~~~~
> IP issues are becoming critical in all areas. Adobe has recognized that 
> by developing XMP platform. Creative Commons is an important way of 
> adding IP licensing information to a document's metadata. Although there 
> are some open issues in OpenOffice.org development 
> (http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=66656 and 
> http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=29404) few was done. We 
> can't wait anymore.
> The goal of this project is to provide a tool for supporting the process 
> of licensing documents. Microsoft Office has a Creative Commons plug-in 
> to put IP metadata in its documents. I propose a similar Creative 
> Commons add-in for OpenOffice.org that would allow license information 
> to be embedded in OpenOffice.org documents. Having a simple way to add 
> Creative Commons licenses will help to spread those licenses much more 
> broadly.
> Benefits
> ~~~~~~~~
> My vision is to encourage the use of CC licenses in documents. Authors 
> can express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by 
> others. Implemented suitable interface will make easy the licensing 
> process. This feature is very important for OO.o end-users. Moreover, 
> implementation of such add-in will increase CC licensed documents 
> proportion that machines could process and work from. Of course, this 
> metadata inserted only provides a first approximation of the license. 
> Users are encouraged to read the full license to make sure it meets 
> their expectations.
> Plan
> ~~~~
> I will not start this project from scratch, some works were done and I 
> intend to work on them.
> Development will consist of 3 main parts:
> 1. Accessing web services information
> I will use webservices to retrieve licensing information from CC 
> licensing engine (through REST interface) and mount the interface. It 
> can be encapsulated as an UNO service, allowing better reuse.
> 2. Storing license information in file
> Creative Commons provides RDF descriptions of its licenses. The OO.o 
> file format could be manipulated as a zip file and it includes an XML 
> file for metadata (meta.xml), which I can use for embedding the license 
> information. For this, the OASIS Open Office XML format specification 
> proposed by Nathan Yergler could be used as reference.
> 3. Implementing specific features, and testing
> I have to investigate how to handle licensing information appropriately 
> in some cases.  Issues to be considered:
> - Exporting to another file format;
> - Printing to PDF;
> - Persisting data through OO.o older versions.
> Possible additional contributions (time permitting):
> - A wizard that assists people in selecting appropriate license types 
> for their desires;
> - Make license text available as Auto Text.
> - Display license information when opening CC licensed documents;
> - Store license information in .doc files as well?
> Once plugged, the license-selection software will appear as a menu 
> option in the OpenOffice application. It will generate a Creative 
> Commons logo, a short summary of the license chosen, and a hyperlink to 
> the Creative Commons Web site.
> I haven't previously contributed to CC projects, so this planning could 
> change during development, but I'm pretty sure that I can accomplish it.
> The project goals, desirability for the add-in, its plan have been 
> discussed on the CC-devel mailing list and ccWiki, where they received 
> support from CC maintainers.
> Most likely implementing all the features will be possible after the end 
> of Summer of Code and I'm committing to perform it then.
> Qualification
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I believe that I'm a suitable person to carry out this project.  As a 
> long-time OO.o user I'm well too aware of the fact that OO.o needs 
> support to CC licences.
> I did work for a summer in my undergratuade course with the R.i.S.E 
> (Reuse in Software Engineering- http://www.rise.com.br) team at Federal 
> University of Pernambuco, which is an Open Source project though felt 
> more like a University project! :-) (https://simple.dev.java.net/ ) They 
> do have very good practices for source control, reviews, mailing list, 
> etc. I also understand the importance of good coding and documentation 
> for projects.
> This (academic) year I have been developing a OO.o plugin that replaces 
> the currently OO.o notes and it will go public soon.
> Additionaly I have a year of industrial experience, having worked as a 
> software engineer on C.E.S.A.R (Recife Center for Studies and Advanced 
> System - http://www.cesar.org.br) in a ant/CVS indexer project.
> Although I hadn't had much contact with CC until few weeks ago, I was 
> aware of its importance for developing countries, especially Brazil. 
> I've been on the CC mailing lists, #cc on IRC and editing project's 
> Wiki, for some time now due to my interest in this project.  I know what 
> the developers have been working on and who to approach for assistance. 
> My student group at Computer Sciente course has several Open Source 
> projects contributors that can help me with doubts. I am eager to 
> improve my abilities, value community service, earnestly desire to enter 
> and participate in this CC Project.
> Personal details
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I'm undergraduate student in Computer Science at Federal University of 
> Pernambuco (7th/9 semester). I live in Recife, Brazil. My native 
> language is portuguese, but I have no problem working with english.
> I have experience working with people ('supervisors' or other 
> developers) on other parts of the world (mostly europe, 3-6 timezones 
> away). I have no problem adjusting to a different timezone.
> Philosophically, I align myself with the FSF (though I don't consider 
> myself a zealot), and support free software becuase I hope it can 
> kickstart the economies of the developing world, among other reasons. 
> Thanks for your consideration.
> You can visite my page to know more about me: www.cin.ufpe.br/~cam2/info 
> <http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~cam2/info>
> References Used
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/dc-rights/
> http://yergler.net/projects/cc-oasis/ccoasis.html
> http://creativecommons.org/ <http://creativecommons.org/>
> http://creativecommons.org/technology/metadata/implement

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