[cc-devel] XMP Developer Challenges and Announcing "Palimpsest"

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Sun Mar 25 19:33:01 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 14:22 -0500, Terry Hancock wrote:
> What to do with XMP data or adapted Dublin Core data once we have it.
> Can we define "math" operators for concepts like "combination",
> "derivation", "collection", etc?
> e.g.:
> xmp_collab = xmp1 & xmp2
> would create an XMP (or DC?) object

XMP is just a constrained RDF serialization.  DC can be represented as
triples as well, might want to think internally in triples and serialize
them as appropriate for the XMP/native/whatever format.

> to represent the correct attribution
> and licensing of a work which derives from the works from which xmp1 and
> xmp2 are taken?
> Or maybe there should be helper functions like:
> xmp_collab = derivation(xmp1, xmp2)
> instead.
> What kind of interface would you like?  What concepts should it incorporate?

Not being a fan of operator overloading...

But the interesting domain problem is figuring out what each operation
should do.

Your overall idea looks excellent, please do send updates.



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