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Cassio Melo cassio.ufpe at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 17:46:26 EDT 2007

Hi there,

Here is a draft of my application. I'm asking for suggestions and questions
from you.


An application for Google Summer of Code 2007, Creative Commons project

OpenOffice.org Writer add-in for publishing CC licensed documents

Cassio Melo <cassio.ufpe at gmail.com>


IP issues are becoming critical in all areas. Adobe has recognized that by
developing XMP platform. Creative Commons is an important way of adding IP
licensing information to a document's metadata. Although there are some open
issues in OpenOffice.org development (
http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=66656 and
http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=29404) few was done. We
can't wait anymore.
The goal of this project is to provide a tool for supporting the process of
licensing documents. Microsoft Office has a Creative Commons plug-in to put
IP metadata in its documents. I propose a similar Creative Commons add-in
for OpenOffice.org that would allow license information to be embedded in
OpenOffice.org documents. Having a simple way to add Creative Commons
licenses will help to spread those licenses much more broadly.


My vision is to encourage the use of CC licenses in documents. Authors can
express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by others.
Implemented suitable interface will make easy the licensing process. This
feature is very important for OO.o end-users. Moreover, implementation of
such add-in will increase CC licensed documents proportion that machines
could process and work from. Of course, this metadata inserted only provides
a first approximation of the license. Users are encouraged to read the full
license to make sure it meets their expectations.


I will not start this project from scratch, some works were done and I
intend to work on them.

Development will consist of 3 main parts:

1. Accessing web services information
I will use webservices to retrieve licensing information from CC licensing
engine (through REST interface) and mount the interface. It can be
encapsulated as an UNO service, allowing better reuse.

2. Storing license information in file
Creative Commons provides RDF descriptions of its licenses. The OO.o file
format could be manipulated as a zip file and it includes an XML file for
metadata (meta.xml), which I can use for embedding the license information.
For this, the OASIS Open Office XML format specification proposed by Nathan
Yergler could be used as reference.

3. Implementing specific features, and testing
I have to investigate how to handle licensing information appropriately in
some cases.  Issues to be considered:

- Exporting to another file format;
- Printing to PDF;
- Persisting data through OO.o older versions.

Possible additional contributions (time permitting):

- A wizard that assists people in selecting appropriate license types for
their desires;
- Make license text available as Auto Text.
- Display license information when opening CC licensed documents;
- Store license information in .doc files as well?

Once plugged, the license-selection software will appear as a menu option in
the OpenOffice application. It will generate a Creative Commons logo, a
short summary of the license chosen, and a hyperlink to the Creative Commons
Web site.

I haven't previously contributed to CC projects, so this planning could
change during development, but I'm pretty sure that I can accomplish it.

The project goals, desirability for the add-in, its plan have been discussed
on the CC-devel mailing list and ccWiki, where they received support from CC

Most likely implementing all the features will be possible after the end of
Summer of Code and I'm committing to perform it then.


I believe that I'm a suitable person to carry out this project.  As a
long-time OO.o user I'm well too aware of the fact that OO.o needs support
to CC licences.

I did work for a summer in my undergratuade course with the R.i.S.E (Reuse
in Software Engineering- http://www.rise.com.br) team at Federal University
of Pernambuco, which is an Open Source project though felt more like a
University project! :-) (https://simple.dev.java.net/) They do have very
good practices for source control, reviews, mailing list, etc. I also
understand the importance of good coding and documentation for projects.

This (academic) year I have been developing a OO.o plugin that replaces the
currently OO.o notes and it will go public soon.

Additionaly I have a year of industrial experience, having worked as a
software engineer on C.E.S.A.R (Recife Center for Studies and Advanced
System - http://www.cesar.org.br) in a ant/CVS indexer project.

Although I hadn't had much contact with CC until few weeks ago, I was aware
of its importance for developing countries, especially Brazil. I've been on
the CC mailing lists, #cc on IRC and editing project's Wiki, for some time
now due to my interest in this project.  I know what the developers have
been working on and who to approach for assistance. My student group at
Computer Sciente course has several Open Source projects contributors that
can help me with doubts. I am eager to improve my abilities, value community
service, earnestly desire to enter and participate in this CC Project.

Personal details

I'm undergraduate student in Computer Science at Federal University of
Pernambuco (7th/9 semester). I live in Recife, Brazil. My native language is
portuguese, but I have no problem working with english.

I have experience working with people ('supervisors' or other developers) on
other parts of the world (mostly europe, 3-6 timezones away). I have no
problem adjusting to a different timezone.

Philosophically, I align myself with the FSF (though I don't consider myself
a zealot), and support free software becuase I hope it can kickstart the
economies of the developing world, among other reasons. Thanks for your

You can visite my page to know more about me: www.cin.ufpe.br/~cam2/info

References Used

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