[cc-devel] Proposal Planning - OO.o Plugin

Cassio Melo cassio.ufpe at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 18:36:45 EDT 2007

Could you give your suggestions about this part of the proposal? It's a
(little) scratch of what I'm planning to do in this project. Some works were
done and I intend to work on them.

I will use webservices to retrieve licensing information from CC licensing
engine (through REST interface) and mount the interface. It can be
encapsulated as an UNO service, allowing better reuse. To store licensing
information, Creative Commons provides simple RDF descriptions of its
licenses. The OO.o file format could be manipulated as a zip file and it
includes an XML file for metadata (meta.xml), which I could use for
embedding the license information. For this, the OASIS Open Office XML
format specification proposed by Nathan Yergler could be used as a reference

Possible additional contributions (time permitting):
   - Make license text available as Auto Text;
   - Display license information when opening CC licensed documents;

Once plugged, the license-selection software will appear as a menu option in
the OpenOffice application. It will generate a Creative Commons logo, a
short summary of the license chosen, and a hyperlink to the Creative Commons
Web site.

The project goals, desirability for the add-in, its plan have been discussed
on the CC-devel mailing list and ccWiki, where they received support from CC

Most likely implementing all the features will be possible after the end of
Summer of Code and I'm commiting to perform it then.

I'll send the full proposal for review soon!

PS.: Yes, I'll review the english =)

Best regards,
Cássio Melo
+55 (81) 2126.8430 ext: 4764
+55 (81) 9134.1950
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