[cc-devel] summer of code 2007: CC licenced music discovery

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Mar 22 21:13:17 EDT 2007

Yes, totally agree with mike. A successful sic student should survey what already exists and try hard to integrate with what has happened and is happening like mike underlined...also mentioning others in the landscape is vital and their relationship too....


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On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 07:09 -0700, Shahiduzzaman wrote:
> I want to submit a proposal about CC licensed music discovery from a
> popular application like iRate radio in summer of code 2007 for
> Creative Commons. I'm actually not sure whether iRate or any other
> application have already such system to discover the CC licenced music
> over the web. After the popular CC music community sites ccMixter and
> Jamendo, now there are more CC licenced music over the web and
> discovering and playing those through an application sounds cool to
> me. Hope to get response from the creative commons community about the
> idea. 

iRate did some work on CC integration

I don't really know if any more work has been done.  I'd probably
recommend working on iRate or doing a similar plugin for a media player
like Songbird, Banshee, Amarok, etc., rather than starting a completely
new application.


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