[cc-devel] cnuth status & Google Summer of Code

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Mar 22 18:04:47 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 15:40 -0300, Alan Kelon Oliveira de Moraes wrote:
> Hello!
> Looking this year SoC ideas, I've got interested to extend the ccnutch 
> to support RDFa and image, audio, or video search and I'm considering to 
> apply to this project. Could anybody give me the ccnuth status and 
> overall relevance of this idea to CC project as a whole? What kind of
> mentoring could I expect from cc-developers?
> Best regards,

Hi, Mike and Nathan are the best ones to advise you on this. I would
recommend reading through the archives of the cc-devel and cc-community
mailing lists to see about this task.

The kind of mentoring you could expect is to advise you on the progress,
checking in with you regularly, code review, and more discussion.

Generally, if you (or anyone is into CC and GSoC), please ramp up the
contributions to the development community prior in chat and on this
list...cheers! BONUS POINTS: To anyone who contributes prior and/or
edits/adds to our wiki....cheers!


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