[cc-devel] Improved Python wrapper library

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at creativecommons.org
Thu Mar 8 08:36:49 EST 2007

I've been working with a few different CC applications over the past
month, and have realized that we have a few different ways of wrapping
and manipulating license metadata.  In some cases (such as the API and
License Engine), we have code that does the same thing in two
different ways.  This sucks.

I spent some time last night writing up a description of a unified
cc.license API that would replace a lot of our existing code.  The
document is attached and is written in the form doctests
(http://docs.python.org/lib/module-doctest.html) which describe how
someone would use the API for working with licenses.  If anyone on the
list uses Python to work with CC licenses, I'd appreciate any feedback
you have.  I don't have a time table for implementing this, but wanted
to let people see where I think this is going.

There are a few areas that are less than vapor: handling of work
metadata, the question/answer api and a thorough discussion of
localization.  If you have ideas or feel passionately about any of
these, please feel free to contribute.  The document is in our SF.net
svn repository (http://sf.net/projects/cctools) in the cc.license

Comments, feedback, etc welcome.


Nathan R. Yergler
Senior Software Engineer
Creative Commons

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