[cc-devel] [Tracker] Extracting Embedded Licenses

Hubert Figuiere hub at figuiere.net
Fri Jun 22 15:00:36 EDT 2007

Jason Kivlighn wrote:
>> Is this the old msoffice file format? It would be great to also account
>> for the new msxml and best practices for this. Is there any info on
>> this?
> Right, that's the old format.  The CC add-in is only for the older
> format, so I don't know how licenses are/could be handled in the new XML
> format.  I don't have the newest Office either.

In the Office OpenXML format, they are inside the OpenPackage (the ZIP
file). You have to locate the xml file throught the content table.

I suggest you get the (huge) spec:
(it has both .docx and PDF files)

Relevent parts of the spec are:

Part 2, Annex F list the content type.
Part 2, 10. "Core Properties" List the core properties from a package
point of view.
Part 3, 7.2 "Metadata" Explain these properties
Part 4, 7.2 "Extended Properties"
Part 4, 7.3 "Custom Properties" These last two describe the schema and
how to use it.

As for opening these files, libgsf in SVN now support these OpenPackage
files that the Microsoft Office OpenXML supports. This is what Gnumeric
and the AbiWord SoC use to open the new Microsoft files.

Have fun,


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