[cc-devel] Question about "Summer of Code 2006" Ideas

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Sun May 7 23:20:08 EDT 2006

> Hi Dmitry, I'm forwarding on your request for information to Mike
> Linksvayer, Nathan Yergler and the cc-devel mailing list for others to
> help you with this one.
> Mike and Nathan in particular have a better idea about this idea. I
> would say that creating mockups of what you propose once you are ready
> to is a really great way to secure a Summer of Code spot...this goes the
> same for others as well...
I think the main idea behind a DHML/AJAX-ified license chooser is
something that would allow a user to see the changes to the license
selection as they change the answers to the questions.  In other words
combine the two-page process we currently use so a user can see what
happens when they go from "Share Alike" to "No Derivatives" (for example).

Nathan R. Yergler
Software Engineer
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> Jon

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