[cc-devel] P2P Content Store

Bjorn Wijers mailings at bdisfunctional.net
Sun May 7 13:52:28 EDT 2006

Hi Scott,

> I'm glad you took a look. 

No problem.

  There are two main purposes.  The first is
> to allow artists to network and collaborate.

Question that directly pops up is what kind of artists do you want to 
facilitate? Musicians? Video? Both? Others? I think this has quite an 
impact on the possible collaborations, tools, methods etc. BTW for 
musicians you can have a look at Ninjam http://www.ninjam.com/

   The second is to allow
> legal distribution and payment for files. 

Cool. Also have a look at what these people 
http://participatoryculture.org/ are doing for the distribution and 
especially the ease of use. Another legal p2p system with some 
interesting features is www.tribler.org (supported by the Dutch 
government and the Delft University). I'm curious about the payment aspect.

  I am aiming to develop it
> so that an artist has no costs associated with digital distribution.
> I hope to build a system which reduces the costs of distribution so
> much so that it could be supported by donations.

Interesting. Donations can range in the tens but also in the millions. 
What is the maximum amount of costs involved for the artist that you're 
aiming at?

   The most logical way
> to do this is a P2P based network. 

Or a combination of website and p2p just for the distribution?

  These purposes have led me to
> Jabber and Bittorrent.  All content will be tagged with appropriate
> licenses including CC licenses.  This way people can learn the basics
> of legal filesharing and remixing.  

Many people don't feel the
> creative power of CC licenses.  
As in: they don't use somebody elses work to build upon?

Also, with OpenAPI's we'd also enable
> things such as collaborative editing and such.

Open API's are always interesting :)

Hope my thoughts and remarks somehow can help you,


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