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Scott Shawcroft shux_linux at comcast.net
Fri May 5 22:25:09 EDT 2006

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I'm glad you took a look.  There are two main purposes.  The first is
to allow artists to network and collaborate.  The second is to allow
legal distribution and payment for files.  I am aiming to develop it
so that an artist has no costs associated with digital distribution.
I hope to build a system which reduces the costs of distribution so
much so that it could be supported by donations.  The most logical way
to do this is a P2P based network.  These purposes have led me to
Jabber and Bittorrent.  All content will be tagged with appropriate
licenses including CC licenses.  This way people can learn the basics
of legal filesharing and remixing.  Many people don't feel the
creative power of CC licenses.  Also, with OpenAPI's we'd also enable
things such as collaborative editing and such.

Those are just some unorganized thoughts.  I intend on cleaning it up
sooner or later.


Bjorn Wijers wrote:
> Scott,
> To be honest:
> I don't really get the idea by just looking at the mock-ups or your
> email. Could you describe your thoughts a bit more into detail?
> grtz Bjornw
> Scott Shawcroft wrote: Hi all, I'd just like to bounce an idea for
> a store/software by you all.  Its a P2P based distribution system
> and community.  You can check out some rough mockups at
> http://students.washington.edu/scotts4/commedia/ . I've dubbed it
> Commedia for community media.
> Please give me feedback.
> Thanks, Scott Shawcroft http://www.openroadtrip.net
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