[cc-devel] New open, save/publish dialog GUI mockups

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon May 1 16:28:53 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I got addicted to creating mockups last night for great strategies to
getting CC licensing and metadata into the desktop. The following
mockups show good strategies for adding licensing and metadata editing
directly to the desktop (example are constructed to resemble the common
GTK+ file chooser, but are not limited to this domain):



Please add your own ideas to the wiki and if you are really thrifty, put
your ideas down on that wiki for how to implement this. If you are
majorly thrifty, then implement some code for this and be a star ;)

After I get some feedback on these, I will blog about them.

Oh, the mockup graphic files for the gimp (xcf) are available here:


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