[cc-devel] Updated Developer Challenges and Summer of Code 2006

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon May 1 01:55:34 EDT 2006

I have drastically updated the old Tech Challenges pages...

The largest change is that I have made all the Tech Challenges pages to
reflect the more "human" approach to the Creative Commons Developer
Community. They are now Developer Challenges. The old Tech Challenges
links work still however...

Please help edit the page:


I have restructured the entire old structure and order, re-tagged pages,
created a tagged way to make challenges marked as completed, and also
added some example screenshots, etc, to the site.

What I'm really hoping is that this new structure will help all you
developers out there to add your own implementations, examples
(screenshots, mockups, etc), and TODO items to the main categories for
the challenges.

Now that I have converted the entire technology section from the old
site, all the pages are more malleable. And, the technology section is
slightly stale and need new life breathed into it.

By looking at it, I see that much of the work that you all have and are
doing is not represented here. I am encouraging you all that this is a
great way to contribute, get recognized for your work, and to increase
your google page rank.

Also, I'm making some other more focused sections for the wiki around
Creators and Lawyers in the coming months to help motivate people in
other roles to action!

I'm now adding some more mockups and screenshots to the new "Developer
Challenges" and also trying to brain storm on some other ideas.

Also, students, please check out the Summer of Code page:

Applications are accepted between May 1 - May 8 (this week!). Thus, if
you are interested, it is best to discuss your application on the
cc-devel mailing list to help iron it out.

Ah, the miracles of being in a room without distractions...


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