[cc-devel] integration into Joomla?

Nic Wistreich nic at netribution.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 20:20:15 EST 2006


Just joined the list.

I'm currently configuring Joomla (open source CMS formerlly known as 
Mambo) to create a site where people can upload their own articles (and 

I'd like to offer the users the chance to add a CC license to their 
work - ideally at the point of content submission, or if that's too 
tricky at signup to appear through their profile and thus create a 
global rights setting for that user and their content.

Has anyone managed to do this yet? (Google suggests to me they haven't)

Does anyone here have any knowledge of Joomla/Mambo and an idea of how 
to do this? I'm wondering about using Facile Forms which is a basic 
application development environment joomla component.

I am sadly not a coder - although I can configure files, and understand 
what the CC site is suggesting to do with normal sites when the code is 
more accessible. but the core of Joomla is quite impenetrable to me!

Any help here would be really appreciated, as I'm sure it would be by 
the Joomla community. Given Joomla's popularity it could maybe trigger 
an increase in CC assigned content.

Thanks in advance


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