[cc-devel] Adding CC License to open office as part of Open Office menu options

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Thu Jan 5 11:56:18 EST 2006

> I think it can be very good idea to add menu on open office for CC so
> when I finish the work and want to publish it I just choose under
> which License I want to publish the work under and right away the
> License is on the work.

I think that's a great idea, and definitely something we'd like to see.
I did write up a draft specification for how the license information
could be embedded in the file back in early 2004.  You can find the
draft at http://yergler.net/projects/cc-oasis/ccoasis.html.  It may be a
little dated -- I haven't actually looked into this problem since then.

The OOo file format has the advantage that it includes an XML file for
metadata, which CC license information would fit nicely into.  What we
need is someone willing to hack on the codebase and generate a user
interface and patch we could submit to them for inclusion.


> What you think?
> Ofer Weisglass
> Israel
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