[cc-devel] Web services update

François Déchelle francois at dechelle.net
Sat Apr 15 08:56:48 EDT 2006

I have added this call to the wordpress CCi theme (you can see it at: 
http://fr.creativecommons.org/test/) and it works fine.

I have not commited it yet, I have problems with image files and 
subversion that I have to sort out before committing it.

May be the translation is not mandatory in the API: it can be done in 
the PHP code that calls the API, using for instance wordpress 
localisation support. This way, you don't have to maintain the list in 
25 versions. It is also more error-proof because the translation is done 
by the person maintaining the language file for the wordpress theme, and 
this person is supposed to be native-speaking.

François Déchelle

Nathan R. Yergler a écrit :
> I've updated the development version of the web services with a new call
> that may be useful to some integrators.  We now have a basic "support"
> API that will include CC information not directly related to licensing. 
> The first call is /support/jurisdictions which returns an HTML drop-down
> with the list of launched jurisdictions.  Full documentation at
> http://api.creativecommons.org/docs/readme_dev.html#support-jurisdictions.
> Feedback welcome and appreciated; if there are no objections or
> suggestions, we'll move this into the 1.5 API as well.
> Nathan R. Yergler
> Software Engineer
> Creative Commons

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