[cc-devel] Web services update 2: issuing licenses

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Wed Apr 5 18:58:33 EDT 2006

Our current web service for issuing a license, /license/<class>/issue
(where <class> describes the license class; ie, standard), requires that
the client construct a chunk of XML and perform an HTTP POST.  After
some thought, this seems a bit heavy, and as Mike pointed out, not
exactly RESTful (nothing is being changed on the server, so a GET is
more appropriate).

So I've just enabled a new feature in the dev API,
/license/<class>/get.  The get method, as its name implies, is meant to
be used with an HTTP GET request, and all the parameters for issuing the
license can be specified on the query string.  For example:


will return the information for Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5
(in English).  See
for documentation.

Any feedback would be appreciated and welcome.  If I don't hear any
objections, we'll start using this call in ccPublisher and back port it
to the 1.5 stable API.

Nathan R. Yergler
Software Engineer
Creative Commons

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