[cc-devel] CC Web Services Updated

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Fri Aug 12 11:44:20 EDT 2005

The Creative Commons web services have been updated to support  
localization.  This change allows all the web service methods to  
return interface text in any of the locales support by the primary CC  
license engine (http://creativecommons.org/license).  Updated  
documentation describing these changes is available at http:// 
api.creativecommons.org/docs/readme_dev.html.  Note that in some  
cases localized text is not yet available; in those cases, English  
will be returned.  We will be working to localize the remaining  
strings in the near future.

This version of the web services is slated to become the 1.5 stable  
version, at which point the API will be frozen in order to support  
production applications.  Please report problems, errors or  
suggestions to the cc-devel list or to me directly.

Nathan R. Yergler
Software Engineer
Creative Commons

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