[cc-devel] Creative Commons Consolidation of Developer Pages

Björn Lindström bkhl at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Thu Aug 11 10:38:03 EDT 2005

Conrad Parker <conrad at metadecks.org> writes:

> I agree that SF is slow, and CVS is a fairly poor choice for new
> projects.

I'm pretty attached to darcs, myself. It has the advantage of not
requiring any support from the host. We can just upload a copy of the
repository to our web space.

I also think we should stay away from tla, or any other horrendously
over-complicated revision control systems. Possibly I would say the same
about Subversion, if I had any experience with it.

> I'd be very happy to keep code for new projects like this at somewhere
> like berlios, which has Subversion and somewhat speedier access. I'd
> be even happier to help set up an svn and trac combo at
> svn.creativecommons.org and trac.creativecommons.org :)

I've approached Savannah about hosting libcclicense, and they weren't
hostile to the idea. They don't have Subversion yet, but are apparently
looking for someone that wants to help them set that up.

In general, though, I don't have any strong feelings on this issue,
other than that we should certainly not host more stuff on Sourceforge,
since so many of us has had bad experiences with them.

PS. For those that wonder why I'm not in the IRC channel, or writing
more here - I'm just really busy right now. I'll probably get more
involved again in September.

Björn Lindström <bkhl at stp.lingfil.uu.se>
Student of computational linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden

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