[cc-community] Metadata for medias "with source files"?

Bob Chao bobchao at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 04:38:33 EDT 2015


A few of us just discussed an issue about searching media files (like
image, music clips) with the original file format for editing.
In many situation, we need the original files for (easier)  editing.
Say you've got a deck of slides in PDF format and want to adopt a few
elements in it to your talk, you will definitely wants to have the original
PPT/ODP/KEY files.
Now thanks to CC metadata, we can search materials that we can freely use,
but it still unclear that if a cc material do provide the source files from
the search results.

Maybe an additional metadata that can explicitly indicate the URL of the
original format files would be useful?
How do you think?


Po-chiang Chao  (:BobChao)
Mozillian and Creative Commoner, Taiwan
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