[cc-community] Does license applicable for all resolutions?

Jeevan Jose jkadavoor at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 10:41:35 EST 2013

"*Once a photographer has licensed any version of an image, all resolutions
have the same license.*" Is it true? If a photographer grant a CC-BY
license for a small, near thumbnail size JPG file, can we reproduce an "all
rights reserved" high resolution file of that exact photo that we somehow
collected from another source? Does that CC-BY applicable even for the RAW

I read "*This License constitutes the entire agreement between the parties
with respect to the Work licensed here. There are no understandings,
agreements or representations with respect to the Work not specified here.*

But is that "work" means any forms of that work (a RAW file or a high
resolution JPG/TIFF) that can be found somewhere else?

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