[cc-community] How should I handle NC expiration?

Bruce Kingsbury zcat at zcat.geek.nz
Fri Mar 15 00:44:53 EDT 2013

> Go ahead and release under CC 3.0 and add some language that the NC part
> expires in 2014 or whenever;
> Release under 4.0d3 and add similar language (perhaps with an "or later 4.0
> version" qualification); or
> Stop confusing people and call my license something else?

I would do neither. Rather than mangle the existing licenses I would
go ahead and release the work inder CC-BY-NC immediately, and then
release it again in two years time under CC-BY. Perhaps make a press
statement with the first release so that your intentions are clear
from the beginning.

> Another point worth noting is that much of the discussion has been about
> very long terms before expiration. Which is understandable given problems
> with overly long copyright terms before work enters the public domain. But I
> would like to suggest that so long as the provision is optional (and most
> licensors choose the default), then it is short terms, a few years or so,
> that have more real world relevance. Because they offer something that is
> truly intermediate between BY-SA and BY-NC-SA. This brings up the technical
> detail that if a standard emerges for how to specify these types of
> provisions, it may be desirable to allow the exact date rather than just the
> year of expiration to be specified. Otherwise, I am forced to choose between
> a term of, say, 6 months and 18, or 18 and 30.

There's also this, but it's a bit limited for what you want;

Perhaps there needs to be a 'flexible copyright foundation' that does
something similar, but with a lot more options for the length of time
and permissions that the work is eventually going to be released

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