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I can't say I'm familiar with your work, but I would say that if you're
advocating Creative Commons licenses to musicians and/or labels, because of
this fuzzy line, I would encourage you to advocate licenses that do not
have the ND clause. It does open up the possibility of remixes, samples,
etc., but that's part of the excitement (in my mind) to Creative Commons:
it opens up the possibility for collaboration and viral dissemination
because of it, while still requiring attribution. Certainly that freedom
can be exploited, but as the saying goes, even bad press is still press.
Good luck in your endeavours.

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> Thanks for your post, although I can't help with your question the way it
> is framed will be useful for my work with musicians. It will also be good
> to explore your work.
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> Hi folks. I dj exclusively Creative Commons electronica every week and
> I've been trying really hard not to use any works with ND clauses to them,
> as it's not entirely clear to me whether crossfading, for example, counts
> as an adaptive work. Mostly, this works well, but sometimes I come close to
> running out of works when you consider the limitation of licenses, genre,
> and my own pickiness.
> That being said, I've been tempted to use ND works, but it's unclear to me
> whether or not it would be appropriate. It is clear to me that sampling,
> for example, would indeed be an adaptation, as would any sort of mashup. On
> the other hand (and maybe this is me being really extremely conservative
> when reading the license) whether or not separating a track out from an ND
> licensed album is itself not an adaptation of sorts.
> When I read the text of the license, these questions don't appear to have
> clear answers, so I was hoping others may have some experience to help me,
> as using ND works would open a whole realm of new options for me. Thanks in
> advance!
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