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> So what I propose for Mickey Mouse? Instead of waiting for the copyright to
> expire, let's take a certain day in the spring, say the second Tuesday of April
> this year (Tuesdays are considered lucky in Judaism), and encourage Walt Disney
> Corporation to make it the "Free Mickey Mouse Day" when the character of Mickey
> Mouse will be released under the CC-by licence (= Creative Commons
> Attribution License) and permanently. And it won't be a simple passing - oh no
> - it will be a big Disney festival, with fireworks of Mickey Mouse and the
> ?(CC)? (= Creative Commons) logo, and
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Lessig invited to give a keynote, and
> tons of day of preparing in advance, and lots of highlights on Walt Disney
> World and Disneyland, and all that and more. Active, alive, wonderful - like
> only Walt Disney Corp. can do.
> So - what do you think?

I think it sounds quixotic and doomed to failure. But I've been wrong before.

How do you propose to start this quest?

Seems to me that you would need to start by finding a high-profile
star to endorse the idea. Someone whom Disney would respect, but who
would also be very into Creative Commons and/or free culture ideals.
That's a fairly tall order, but perhaps not impossible.


Terry Hancock
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