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Hi all,

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"Kevin Phillips" <tacet at qmpublishing.com> wrote:

> Hey James,
> Most of Dave Kitson's notes I simply second.  It makes sense to me, based on 
> your description, to release the core elements of your world as CC BY, then 
> you'll be attributed as the originator (if that's what you want).  If you 
> want a group of authors to all be originators, then create a group name like 
> "world weavers" and license through that name, instead of any single 
> individual.

Yes, sounds good to me too for the characters or worlds I have created.

> I liken it to a software company using an open source gaming engine for 
> their commercial game.  You'd be making a "story engine" ; )  I know little 
> about OSS/GPL so hopefully one of the guys who are knowledgeable will chip 
> in.

Well, any open source software based on the Free Software Definition
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Free_Software_Definition ) - not just
under the GPL - gives one the freedom to “run the program for any purpose” and
that means while processing non-free or not fully free data. So for example, I
can use a GPLed text editor such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Emacs to
edit non-free code, or use a GPLed audio editor to edit a proprietary WAV file.
(I am not a lawyer/etc.).

> One of your requirements seems to be you'd like to have attribution, so the 
> PD route might not be the best because people can simply use and adapt and 
> don't have to attribute.  Also to note, according to the legal code in the 
> new versions of the BY licenses, each person who re-uses your license is 
> supposed to not only attribute you (or the group) but also highlight their 
> use/changes from your original work.  Just something else to throw into the 
> decision melting pot :D

That seems like the nice way to go. I'm not sure if worlds or characters
should actually qualify as derivative works, and it gets even more of
a problem with hybrids / mash-ups / crossovers -
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_%28book%29 such as
, http://stexpanded.wikia.com/wiki/Harry_Potter_and_the_Return_of_James_T._Kirk
or my own http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Selina-Mandrake/ .

> I like your idea very much btw, do you have any online information about it? 
> Dave's suggestion of a wiki seems like an ideal place to start if not.

Maybe we can make use of an existing wiki for that.


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