[cc-community] CC0 badge image is not CC0

Michael Biggs cccommunity at doubleplum.net
Sat Dec 14 02:32:42 EST 2013


I am releasing a website under CC0.  To indicate it is CC0, I would like to
use a copy of the CC0 badge image:
http://i.creativecommons.org/p/zero/1.0/88x31.png .  I don't *need* to use
the image, but I think it is a nice touch to help describe the work as CC0.
After all, that's why it's there.

However, it appears to me that the badge image is licensed by Creative
Commons as CC-BY-4.0,  i.e. the image is NOT CC0.  So if it were included on
my site, then I could not write "this website is CC0".  Instead I might have
to say "this website is CC0 except for the image that says 'Public Domain'
which itself is under a more restrictive license."  That is
counter-intuitive at best!

Would the Creative Commons be willing to release the CC0 badge images under
CC0 instead?  This would empower users of the CC0 to use the CC's
promotional materials without burdening those same works with more
complicated and restrictive licensing.  As the CC is well aware, releasing
the image under CC0 would not affect the CC's use of trademarks to protect
the integrity of license designation/recognition.

Thanks very much,

Michael Biggs

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