[cc-community] Q: Image wrapper with auto-display of CC-Attributions?

Ralf Gesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Wed Dec 4 17:12:23 EST 2013

Hi & thanks for yer comments...

Am 02.12.2013 13:53, schrieb Barry Hunter:
> As noted there are a number of search engines that can identify CC
> licenced work. But dont AFAIK will automatically extract and provide
> the licencing/attribution details - probably because its quite
> problematic in the big wide web (no consistent attribution system).

I didn't think of a generic way, but rather considered a site specific
way, like one scheme for flickr, another for google and so on.

Additionally, without mentioning the colours used, it might be
advisable to display attributions in an extra frame "not part of
the work" rather than having it within the original picture (especially
to match NC licenses).


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