[cc-community] Q: Image wrapper with auto-display of CC-Attributions?

Barry Hunter barry at barryhunter.co.uk
Mon Dec 2 07:53:53 EST 2013

> So, this converges with Gisle Hannemyr's question:
> is it actually enough to quote the real (or in some cases
> nick) name of the author,

Thats a given, the name as supplied by the user must be included.

>  i.o.w. I don't have to quote
> any URL of the source or of Creative Commons? Is cc-by-sa
> such a common place?

The idea there its easily findable,

but no its not strictly right. The legal code does specify "copy of,
or the Uniform Resource Identifier for, this License"

However it could be argued that its a URI reference, - being a
(almost) part of the full licence URI.

The main issue is
is very long, so not ideal for 'stamping'.

this never went anywhere :(
I made geograph.org/cc-by-sa/2.0 but sure if that acceptable.

RewriteRule ^cc-(.*) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/$1 [L,R=permanent]

... so I don't know what the proper answer is :(

> Additionally, the creative commons community
> should be interested in hosting a meta search engine
> on cc-licensed pictures that can extract these informations
> by itself, shouldn't we?

As noted there are a number of search engines that can identify CC
licenced work. But dont AFAIK will automatically extract and provide
the licencing/attribution details - probably because its quite
problematic in the big wide web (no consistent attribution system).

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