[cc-community] Q: Image wrapper with auto-display of CC-Attributions?

Ralf Gesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Sun Dec 1 04:32:20 EST 2013

Am 29.11.2013 14:12, schrieb Barry Hunter:
> As it happens, have recently begun work on a similar tool for my own website
> http://www.geograph.org.uk/stamp.php?id=123456
> (just click the 'Go' button to see an example)

Dear Barry,

thank you for your interesting URL and for showing
a really straight forward implementation.

So, this converges with Gisle Hannemyr's question:
is it actually enough to quote the real (or in some cases
nick) name of the author, i.o.w. I don't have to quote
any URL of the source or of Creative Commons? Is cc-by-sa
such a common place?

Thanks, drew, too, what details did your script display?

As for your other questions: My first thought was to
ask the user interactively for license details, but
in some cases there might be specific EXIF tags.

My vision was that all major hosters of cc-licensed
pictures might implement such a wrapper themselves.

Additionally, the creative commons community
should be interested in hosting a meta search engine
on cc-licensed pictures that can extract these informations
by itself, shouldn't we?

With kind regards

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