[cc-community] How to deal with volunteer translators on transifex?

Maarten Zeinstra mz at kl.nl
Mon Aug 5 05:28:28 EDT 2013

Hello all,

I coordinate the translations on transifex for the Dutch Creative Commons. Usually this means looking at new texts to translate, draft translations and coordinate with other members of the Dutch and Belgium CC team and update translations.

Last week I received a couple of requests from enthusiastic volunteer translators to join the Dutch translation of Creative Commons. This is new for, I haven't had a join request since I started coordinating this 3 years ago. Creative Commons actively promotes people to help translations ( http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Translate ). However, I don't see any way to use Transifex to ensure the qualities of the translations by these people. It seems that as soon as members of the translation team changes a sentence it goes on the live server within 15 minutes. I'm especially worried about volunteers trying to simplify complicated sentences with legal jargon and thereby change the meaning of those sentences.

So I have two questions:

Do other affiliates allow volunteer translators in their translation teams on transifex?
and if so, what kind of methods do you use to ensure that the quality of the translations remains high?



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