[cc-community] 2 questions: Dated CC and Scribd EULA

Eric Hellman eric at gluejar.com
Fri Aug 2 14:27:17 EDT 2013


After I wrote a blog post on "Dated CC", Timothy Vollmer alerted me to this list and to [cc-license] and I wanted to pose the questions here that I asked on my posts.

1. The Scribd Commercial Content EULA
I worried that  if someone puts a document for sale on scribd with a CC license, then the prohibitions on use of Commercial Content would kick in and void the CC license. Scribd support has responded that it's up to the uploader. I'd appreciate comment, especially from those with legal expertise surrounding online TOS.

2. Dated CC
What's the best way to cause a CC license to take effect at some time in the future. (other than "apply the license at some time in the future") Based on all the favorable response I got, I think it would be really useful to get some informed guidance. There was a lot of discussion from 2011 that got dredged up, but nothing really conclusive.


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