[cc-community] CC applicability to software ?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Thu Jan 19 19:44:19 EST 2012

> Non of the OSI licenses seems to cover a non-commercial clause in the
> sense like the NC clause of CC licenses is at least trying to tell us,
> not to charge money for the work or its usage, even if its

Correct - and the NC clause of CC is so vague as to be a good reason not
to do so.

> interpretation may be wide (we have been participating in the CC survey
> which was investigating intepretations of the non-commercial clause
> around 4 years ago - have the results been ever published?)

I believe so - but nothing done about it.

> Any other recommendations? We would like to avoid to choose for the
> add-on configurator software a closed source license, but rather keep
> that part open at least to the research community.

I think you need to write yourself a license or use one of the many
existing ones companies use for this purpose. One that defines what
non-commercial means, applies to software etc.

It's not that uncommon a way to release software, and commercial with
source is also not uncommon.


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