[cc-community] Your help needed!

Bob Noble chair at openindieproject.org
Sun Feb 26 12:32:31 EST 2012

I understand what you and others have said and I do agree that the 
suggestions could very much be improved upon which is why I said that 
others would be able to improve on it.

This is also one of the reasons I posted it here so I could get some 
beneficial feedback, which you've done.

What would you suggest for a short but catchy phrase which gives would 
attract those that may never have heard about CC or even Open Source before?

One thing I did not explain (and I apologise for my mistake) is in which 
context these "promos" will be used.

What we are hoping to do is produce a series of videos which starts from 
the very basics of Open Source licensing (including the Creative 
Commons) and then progresses
into the legal code and offer suggestions and real-word examples of how 
it is used. These clips would be used as subject breaks when splash 
animations are played before the
next part of the content is delivered. Because of this, the 
viewer/listener will be given a good "grounding" in the subject. I hope 
that puts the request into context.

Thanks for everyone's feedback regarding this, I appreciate it greatly.


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