[cc-community] Your help needed!

Bob Noble chair at openindieproject.org
Sat Feb 25 20:05:25 EST 2012

Hi there everyone!

I hope no-one minds us posting this "call for help" here but we thought 
this might be the best place to get a positive response.

We are looking for sound and video clips for several projects we are 
working on and need your help.

Audio Promos.
We need as many clips of people saying one of the following phrases (if 
you wish to help, simply select the best match for you):

"Hi, I'm (insert your name) and I listen to Creative Commons!"
"Hi, I'm (insert your name) from (insert name of band/website) and we 
use Creative Commons!"
"Hi, this is (insert ccMixter or similar username) and I remix music on 
(ccMixter.org or similar site)!"

If you do not want to say your name, you can simply say "I listen to 
Creative Commons!" or similar.

You can write your own promo if you think the above suggestions can be 
improved (and I'm sure they can *BG*).

Video Promos.

You can record yourself saying the above suggestions (or write your own 

Another series of short promos we would really like to obtain are 
segments of video showing small clips of people working in their studios.
This could be you finishing a piece of music you have published under a 
Creative Commons Licence (which permits derivatives) and speaking one of 
the suggested phrases from above.
Again, you can write your own phrase.

We are also looking for voice-over talent for other projects we are 
currently working on. If you have the time and would like to help us 
out, please contact us directly (e-mail will be given below).

And lastly:
We are also looking for volunteers who would like to help us with a 
range of video tutorials and other general use video content. What we 
would like to do is create animated cartoon-style videos using real 
people. These will be consist of 2D pictures animated in a 3D 
environment. If you would like to become a cartoon character, please 
send a full -length photo of yourself.

So we can make use of your image, please make sure you stand straight 
with your legs slightly apart (so your feet are planted directly below 
your shoulders) and with your arms straight out at either side. If you 
are not able to do this, still send us your image in and we will do our 
best. Ensure that your head is slightly below the top of the photo and 
your feet are slightly above the bottom (don't cut your head off in the 

You can send your files to us in two ways:

For small files, you can send them via email: alpha at openindieproject.org.
For larger files, please send them to our uploads server via FTP.

Our uploads server is located at uploads.openindieproject.org and you 
must use a FTP client. Use an anonymous username/password and make sure 
you name your files in the following way:
Please use your email address plus some description or random characters 
plus the file extension (do not use special characters).
For example, you could use alpha_at_openindieproject_org_videopromo1.avi

When your files have been uploaded, they will immediately become 
invisible to the public. This is to prevent abuse of our servers.
Once that is done, please send us an email alpha at openindieproject.org 
with the filename/s of your submission/s and your required name for 
accreditation and a link to your twitter feed, ccMixter profile or other 
similar website. We will include any links you submit which relates to 
Creative Commons activities.

All of the projects we are producing will be published under the 
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)  licence and we 
promise not to use your content in a negative way. We will give full 
credit whenever and however possible (if we use any of this content on 
our non-commercial radio feed we will add the credits to the relevant 
page on our website). If you make use of your own content in the 
submissions which not normally allow derivative works, please give us 
permission to use it (put this in your e-mail to us with your upload 

You can send as many files are you wish but please keep each one to 
under 60 seconds. We may need to edit the content to fit in with the 
overall theme or time constraints of each project.
We will not misuse your email addresses or add you to any mailing lists 

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions, please ask.

Open Indie Project Dot Org

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