[cc-community] music under CC ...-ND as background music in a game?

Hessel van Oorschot hessel at tribeofnoise.com
Mon Feb 20 15:01:40 EST 2012

Hi Bernd,

I can tell you what would work best for a non commercial open source game.

Find music without the ND part to prevent any confusion. Or contact the
artist and ask if he can agree to waiving the ND part (via a CC+) or if
his/her interpretation of ND is the same as yours. The last two options:
confirm this with the author in writing so if for what ever reason someone
disagrees in the future you can show what you arranged with the original
content owner.

On Tribe of Noise we don't work with ND licenses. On the community website
we work with Creative Commons 3.0 By Share Alike, on our PRO site with a
non exclusive exploitation contract. Try to keep it as simple as possible..

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2012/2/20 Bernd Buschinski <b.buschinski at googlemail.com>

> Hello,
> The website jamanedo provides music under CC and I was wondering if I could
> use it for a non-commercial opensource game as background music.
> The music I am talking about is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
> I am having trouble understanding the ND Part.
> The website says:
> "No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this
> work."
> As I am "just" using it as background music I will not alter or transform
> it,
> and I would not call the game is build upon the music. Correct?
> Or does a dynamic fade-out already counts as "alter"? Like a level is
> finished
> early and the music stops playing early?
> Ah yes, this is not a Sing Star or Guitar Hero game, more like another XYZ
> egoshooter, so the music can be replaceable without any affects on the
> game.
> As I was not sure, I tried read the german translation (provided by the
> jamendo) to clear it. But it confused me even more
> German:
> "Weder Format noch Inhalt des Albums werden verändert, noch wird der
> Inhalt in
> eigene Kreationen eingebunden."
> The german part "noch wird der Inhalt in eigene Kreationen eingebunden."
> sounds like 'you must not include this in your own creative work'. It
> doesn't
> say in what kind of creative work, and I am not even sure if a computer
> game
> is described as creative work at all.
> I would really appreciate it if you could clear my confusion :)
> Bernd Buschinski
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