[cc-community] Request to use MSN, yahoo backend

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Fri Feb 10 14:17:26 EST 2012

Hello Eqbal,

I'm not really sure how you came across the Creative Commons Community
mailing list for such a question, but, you are unlikely to find your
answer here.

I'm not sure what your goal or question really is, though.


<quote name="Mohd Eqbal Qur'an" date="2012-02-10" time="20:25:49 +0200">
> Hi ,
> Hope this email finds you well .
> My name is Eqbal and I am the technical manager of a small company .
> Anyways I'm sending you this trying to get any help since I'm from a
> technical background and I wish you can guide me of what to do next .
> Recently we are building a non-profit chat application and we are using
> MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk and Facebook with our service to build a multi protocol
> program, we are using spectrum to communicate with the backends . anyways
> all the traffic goes to MSN and other bridges backend is passing through
> our gateway .
> I don't know who I'm supposed to contact or what am I supposed to do with
> such a case , I'm sure I will need to contact the companies or something .
> Any help would be highly appreciated here
> Best regards
> Eqbal

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