[cc-community] flickr and CC: noncommercial the most popular element

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Thu Dec 13 02:47:01 EST 2012

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM, Heather Morrison <hgmorris at sfu.ca> wrote:
> flickr now has close to a quarter billion CC licensed photos -
> congrats to flickr and to CC! flickr has a page showing the numbers of
> photos by CC license, which provides a useful means of analyzing the
> most popular licenses and license elements for flickr users.
> The most popular element, by far, is Noncommercial, selected for over
> 173 million photos or 70% of the CC flickr subset.
> The two most popular licenses, together accounting for more than half
> the photos, are CC-BY-NC-SA (29%) and CC-BY-NC-ND (28%).

It used to be worse. For years, the mix had gotten slightly more free.
I hadn't looked in 32 months but just did again. By eyeball, trend
seems to have continued, see

> If CC is a democracy, and other communities using CC licenses show
> similar results, perhaps NC should be the default?

Well it isn't a democracy, but more data can't hurt. I don't know of
other sites that offer a mix of licenses that such historical data is
readily available for, but I'd be very happy if people pieced some
together. Also, I'd prefer to consider how CC (or public licenses
generally) can make a much, much bigger impact in the next 10 years,
rather than continue current trends or worse. I understand such may be

> Links and graphs are posted on my blog:
> http://poeticeconomics.blogspot.ca/2012/12/flickr-and-creative-commons-popularity.html

FWIW, Flickr has a built-in preference interface for choosing a
license. creativecommons.org/choose is not relevant; I'd guess a
miniscule fraction of CC-using Flickr users have ever visited it.
Anyway the chooser change you discuss is recent and would take a very
long time to influence Flickr aggregates, if indeed a non-miniscule
proportion of CC-using Flickr users did look at in it someday.


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