[cc-community] CC-BY-SA for Jailhouse Lawyers?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Thu Nov 24 13:42:50 EST 2011

> > Personally, I wouldn't like that 'issue' fixed in the next version. Why?
> > Because I'm a proponent of OER, and (for better or worse) much of what
> > is shared by higher education faculty as OER are their presentations.
> Let's put it this way, I have stopped posting my photos under a BY-SA license 
> since I figured this out.

I don't think this is your problem - if you don't want it in something
you want a different license - and there isn't a CC-VIRAL yet which might
be useful.

> that Free and copyleft use. Thoughts folks? I know this would mess with the 
> BY-SA of the actual photos but it may be the lesser problem in my eyes 
> until / unless this does get fixed.

NC is broken too

> isn't even copyrighted in the first place. But if the thing gets a copyright 
> and my BY-SA work is a part of the thing, I want the thing to be BY-SA or at 
> least Free.

In many cases you may not be able to do this with copyright law in the
first place because of first sale rights of instances of a photo and the

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