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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Mar 2 02:30:05 EST 2011

Hi Chris (and all),

welcome aboard and thanks for your insightful E-mail.

On Wednesday 02 Mar 2011 04:51:02 Chris Sakkas wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm Chris Sakkas. You'll see from my signature that I've been involved in
> the open gaming scene for some time now. I've made a few aborted attempts
> to branch out into non-software, non-source libre content -- but I've
> struggled to do so.

Maybe I and other people here can help.

> What I'd like to achieve over the next year or so is create a libre
> community, because it seems to me that there's no community for
> non-software, non-source libre in general.

You may be right about that. I should note that as far as non-software art and 
media is concerned, there is less of an issue regarding making the licence 
not-entirely free. For example here:


Richard M. Stallman ( RMS ) is quoted as saying that:

What is the future of free software development for games? Is it possible? 
Will the games ever equal or surpass their proprietary competitors? Why should 
we care? After thoroughly researching the free and open source software model, 
and interviewing both indie and free software game developers, author Matt 
Barton decided that the future is indeed very bright. Stallman is quoted here 
saying that game engines should be free, but approves of the notion that 
graphics, music, and stories could all be separate and treated differently 
(i.e., "Non-Free.")"

That's still not good enough for the "Debian must be 100% free" people who 
insist on making the other content on Debian 100% "free", but Debian is 

I'd like to see a community of people who release their media and artwork 
under free or semi-free licences. I've been thinking of a site similar to 
http://freshmeat.net/ (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freshmeat ) only for 
publicly-available (not necessary fully libre) fiction and artwork:


Naturally, coding something like that would be a large undertaking given that 
the source code of http://freshmeat.net/ is not pulibcly available, and that 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FusionForge does far too much and has too many 
dependencies. I'd also like to make the source downloadable and available as 
free software and to hopefully write it in something a better than PHP (though 
naturally basing it on Drupal is also an attractive option.).

I'd like to see a more vibrant community of people who release content under 
freely-distributable licences, too, and I think that a simple web site is not 
enough for that we also need a mailing list (though a lot of young people have 
acquired some distaste from mailing lists), possibly a web forum or something 
like http://stackoverflow.com/ too (see its StackExchange service, but there 
are also Stackoverflow-like FOSS engines available), an IRC and/or XMPP 
channel, some weblogs where people submit and review various free artwork or 
essays (instead of just focusing on the more meta- and philosophical aspects 
of Creative Commons/etc.), wikis, and other resources. I've categorised some 
Internet resources of different nature here:

http://perl-begin.org/ (it's mostly CC-by as well, BTW).

Thanks again for highlighting this.

Just as a note, you can find a lot of my publicly available, freely-
redistributable content (CC or otherwise) on my personal web-site here:


(it's not a blog, but I've written some other things on one or more of my 

Not all of it is marked as Creative Commons (and a lot of it I consider 
publicly visible but having aspects of privacy and of being something 
personal, which transcends copyright), but if you desire something that isn't 
explicitly marked as such to be CC, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do 
about it.

> Nice to meet you all,

Nice to meet you too.

> Chris


	Shlomi Fish

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