[cc-community] CC-BY works derivated twice or more, transformed back to their original shape but with a different license

Teofilo teofilowiki at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 08:33:54 EST 2011

2011/2/26 Teofilo <teofilowiki at gmail.com>:
> 2011/2/25 Andrew Rens <andrewrens at gmail.com>:
>> A few problems with this hypothetical.
>> If someone uses the image that has been flipped and that you flipped back
>> how would you prove that that person used your image and not the original?
>> What damages would you have suffered, bearing in mind that that the
>> identical image is available under a CC By license?
> You are asking what happens when the creator of the flipped version
> goes to court.
> I am asking what happens if the original author goes to court.
> There is no duty to create a chain to the original image. The only
> duty ensured by the CC-BY license is to provide the original author's
> name. The successive publisher are not requested to publish the
> original image or even to tell where (where on the internet, or in
> which book shop) the original image might be available.
> This is a big difference between the Creative Commons license and the
> "art libre" license. The "art libre" license has a clause saying :
> "specify to the recipient where to access the originals". You cannot
> find any such clause in the Creative Commons licenses. There is no
> availability of the older versions of the work under a Creative
> Commons clause.

 I forgot to provide a link to "art libre" : http://artlibre.org/licence/lal/en

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