[cc-community] Can collections incorporating cc-by-nc(-sa) works be commercially used ?

Lloyd cc at phizz.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 22:04:29 EST 2011

On 26/02/2011 02:29, Anthony wrote:
>> CC'ed work without permission.
> How does that contradict the point that it is absurd to build a
> license around the premise that the use of money is evil?  It's just
> as absurd to build a license around the premise that making a profit
> is evil.
>> Banning any beneficial reproduction or fixation is simply unworkable.

And yet it works how that?

There are far more CC'd works under the NC tag then there are without 
it. If some one wants to make money from the work of another that is 
fine, so long as the creator is cool about it. But it really is the 
creator's choice as to how and in what context the work is reused.

Without having the NC license one falls back on ARR. In the flickr world 
not having the NC license would remove some 100 million images.

Those are images that people are putting to a myriad of uses each day. 
Boohoo that someone can't use those images commercially without getting 
clearance from the creator. That is what commerce is all about, 
negotiating a price for the raw input with a supplier and adding a markup.

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