[cc-community] Welcome Kazakhstan and Rwanda!

Jessica Coates jessica at creativecommons.org
Fri Dec 23 15:27:09 EST 2011

Hi all

As we close up for the year here at CC headquarters, it gives me great
pleasure to announce two new Affiliate teams: Kazakhstan and Rwanda.

Led by Rauan Kenzhekhanuly and including Almas Nurbakytov, Nartay Ashim and
Balashov Talgat, the Kazakhstan
team<http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Kazakhstan> is
supported by Wikibilim <http://wikibilim.kz/>, a non-profit organisation
which also operates as the local representative of Wikimedia. Wikibilim in
turn is supported by the Government of Kazakhstan and personally by the
Prime-Minister Mr. Karim Masimov. The members of Wikibilim have a great
deal of experience in the open community, and are working actively to
promote open knowledge and free culture values in Kazakhstan, with a
particular focus on increasing the quantity of Kazakh-language material
available under open licences. Those who attended the recent Global
Summit<http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Global_Summit_2011> in
Warsaw may have met Rauan and Almas, who were enthusiastic participants on
behalf of their team.

The Rwanda team <http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Rwanda>, led by Jacques
Murinda and including Fred Byabagabo and Prosper Birama, is working in
conjunction with the Open Learning Exchange <http://ole.org/> (OLE), an NGO
supported by the Rwandan Ministry of Education, which aims to provide
universal access to basic education by 2015. The Rwandan team has been
active in the CC Africa community for some time and is particularly focused
on promoting open educational resources (OER) and open courseware (OCW)
initiatives in the region.

We welcome both these teams to our affiliate
and look forward to working with them as they develop the CC community in
their regions.

This brings the total number of official CC affiliates at the end of 2011
to 72, the highest level since the project launched in 2002. A good start
for our tenth birthday celebrations next year — see you all there!

Jessica Coates
Affiliate Network Coordinator
Creative Commons

jessica at creativecommons.org

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